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4-Week Personal Development Course for Inner and Outer Beauty

$1997.00 USD

The greatest gift I have ever given myself was that day I decided to make my peace, joy and happiness a priority.  The day I stopped letting my past, my pain and challenging circumstances define who I am and took my power back.  The truth is, we can't heal what we don't reveal!  What we give to ourselves reflects back on what other's give to us - which is why being whole, complete and content with your own being first, will unlock a life you truly deserve.  It is then and only then, can you Face Your Beauty! 

The 4-Week Personal Development Course is a one-on-one opportunity for 1.5 hours per week via Video Call, to work with me where we'll accomplish the following:

1.  Strategies to increase Self Confidence

2.  Motivation to build Inner Strength

3.  Multiple sessions to Unpack the "baggage" to live a more Authentic Life

4.  Creating a Positive Self-Image with customize Self-care, Beauty/Grooming tips

5.  Techniques on how to truly Heal Yourself and Live Worthy

6.  Inspiration to Move Forward and Thrive!

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